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Statement of Principles

The “Renouveau & Démocratie” trade union takes its inspiration from pluralist, progressive and democratic trade unionism.
It defends the individual and collective interests of staff employed in European Institutions and/or other European bodies, and of people who, although working for European Institutions, have no statutory links with them. It defends equality of treatment and of working conditions.
Its aim is to achieve a more egalitarian and fairer society. In particular, R&D is committed to defending the aspirations of the most under-privileged. It is opposed to all forms of exclusion, and of discrimination based on gender, religion or membership of political (so long as it is democratic) and/or philosophical movements.
R&D is keen to emphasise and maintain its pluralist character. Its priorities include the achievement of trade union unity within European Institutions.
R&is made up of members from all its local sections.
Each Local Section is itself a member of the R&D Trade Union, which is a federation of R&D unions of the European Institutions and European agencies.
R&D is committed to promoting:
  • all initiatives aimed at promoting unity of action with other representative trade unions with a view to such activity becoming increasingly stable;
  • the setting up of workers’ representative structures based on General Meetings, and on delegations democratically chosen by the members themselves;
  • all forms of solidarity with the trade union movement.

R&D’s independence is guaranteed, and this is articulated through the exercise, in the broadest sense, of freedom of expression, of democracy, and of members’ active participation in the life of the union and of its statutory bodies.
The General Meeting, the democratic operation of all of the union’s bodies, and respect for majority decisions form the basis for this independence.
R&D takes its responsibilities seriously, and determines its actions fully independently of hierarchical, political and economic authorities.